The Royal Arch is the fourth and final step that should be taken by all Master Masons to complete their understanding of Pure, Antient Freemasonry. For those who are already a member, we hope that this website is a useful resource, helping you to find and keep abreast of what is available and current in our Province. For Masons who have not yet taken the step into the Royal Arch, we hope this website will further your knowledge of the Royal Arch, allowing you to appreciate its place in Freemasonry and give you the information you need should you be interested in joining. If you are not a Freemason, you are invited to explore this website. In it you will find an explanation of our aims, history, what we do and where you can find out more.”

LATEST – Dated 11/1/2022

11th January 2021

Announcement – RWBro James Henry Newman OBE PJGW – he will be installed at ceremonies in the Royal Hall, Harrogate on Monday 21st March 2022. 

The Royal Arch Installation will take place in the morning and the Craft Installation in the afternoon. A luncheon is to be held at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate.  Further information will be circulated when arrangements have been finalised.

November 24, 2021

E Comp James H Newman, OBE, named as new Grand Superintendent in and over the Royal Arch in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding







E Comp James H Newman, OBE, PJGW has been named as the Grand Superintendent in and over the Royal Arch in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

In addition, he has also become the new Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

E Comp James, a third generation Freemason who in 2017 was awarded an OBE for his services to business, the economy and charity in Yorkshire, will be installed at a ceremony to be held in the early part of 2022.

Of his new appointment, E Comp James H Newman, OBE, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, and PJGW Provincial Grand Master Designate, said: “I am delighted and very honoured to have been appointed to the roles of ME Grand Superintendent and Provincial Grand Master for this wonderful Province.

I would like to thank both my predecessors for their contributions to the Province

over the last eight years, and I hope to build on their successes over the term of my office.

There is no doubt that there are a number of challenges ahead as Freemasonry starts to get back to normal following the pandemic, and the inevitable fall out of membership and general concerns of our members about the continuing issues surrounding the virus.

However, I am personally very optimistic about the future and believe this Province is in a good place to capitalise on the strong organisation structure it already has and the undoubted enthusiasm and commitment of all its members.

I look forward to visiting many Chapters and Lodges over the coming months and meeting as many of you as possible’’.

E Comp James will assume full control of the Province from the date of his Installation next year, prior to which he will work closely with his two Deputies, E Comp David Boyle and VW Bro John Boyington who will remain “in charge”.

Born in Doncaster, E Comp James was exalted into Welcome Chapter No 3779 in 1992 and was its First Principal in 1997. He was also First Principal of the South Yorkshire Chapter of Installed Principals in 2005, of which he was a Founder.

He was appointed an acting Provincial Grand Steward in 2002, acting Provincial Grand Registrar in 2008 and promoted to PPGScN in 2009. He was appointed to Supreme Grand Chapter as acting AGSoj in 2012 and promoted to PGSwdB in 2017

He became President of the RMBI in 2013, following ten years of service to the charity as its Treasurer and Chairman. In 2016, the RMBI merged with the other central masonic charities to create the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) and RW James was appointed its first Deputy President and, more importantly, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

After six highly successful years leading the establishment of MCF as the Freemasons’ national charity, he retired from both his roles in April 2021.

As a well-travelled Mason, he is a member of the Craft or Royal Arch in four other Provinces plus several Lodges and Chapters in London. He is also member of several other Masonic Orders, in most of which he holds Grand rank.

E Comp James was also Treasurer of the Friends of Connaught Court for five years and Chairman and a Director of Tapton Masonic Hall in Sheffield for ten years.

E Comp James has spent most of his executive career as Finance Director of a number of large public companies in the north before starting a non-executive portfolio, working in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

He acted as Chairman and a non-executive Director of a number of public companies, retiring from his last one in 2018.

During this period, he was the founding Chairman of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, Deputy Chairman of Sheffield Hallam University, Chairman of the South Yorkshire Community Foundation and was Master Cutler of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire in 2010.

He is currently the Chairman of Finance Yorkshire, a Director at Key Fund, the largest social enterprise investor in the north, and has recently taken on the role as Chairman of the newly formed Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, meaning he continues to play a major part in the business and economic life of Yorkshire and the north.

At national level he is a member of the Growth Programme Board managing the current European funding programmes.

In 2012 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University for services to enterprise, education and the business community.


Retirement of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

E Comp S.G. Carley following the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting on 20th November 2021
E Comp S.G. Carley following the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting on 20th November 2021










You will by now have seen notice of my retirement as your Grand Superintendent with effect from midnight on Saturday 20th November.

In the eight years since being appointed Grand Superintendent of this wonderful Province of Yorkshire West Riding the support, encouragement and friendship of the Companions has been truly outstanding.

To everyone involved in the Province – my current and past Deputy and Co Principals, the Director of Ceremonies and his team, the secretariat, mentoring, education, training and all others who have helped to ensure the Companions have remained engaged and involved – a big thank you for a job very well done and above all your friendship.

I have enjoyed the full support of my dear wife Jean, without whom I could not have undertaken all the duties of the role and enjoyed it as much as I have. We have met many people and made many friends on our sojourns around Yorkshire, and we are both eternally grateful to you all for the kindness and hospitality shown to us on our visits.

I shall, of course, fully support my successor and, in the meantime, have offered my help to my Deputy, who will take temporary charge until an announcement is made.

It has been my great honour and privilege to serve you and this Province and may TTALGMH always watch over you and your loved ones.

Provincial Grand Chapter 20th November 2021

Today was the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter, presided over by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Stewart G. Carley.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Stewart G. Carley talking to the Deputy Grand Superintendent David Boyle before robing.

Above, the three Provincial Grand Principals prepare to enter Provincial Grand Chapter.

The three Provincial Grand Principals enter in the entering procession.

Many Companions were re-appointed and appointed to acting or Past Ranks and we congratulate all of them.

Provincial Grand Chapter was temporarily closed and The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent presented a cheque to Mr Roger Parkinson who represented the Woodland Trust, a registered charity set up to plant thousands of trees in order to prevent soil erosion, provide oxygen and lock up large quantities of carbon dioxide. This will provide a better future for our children and grandchildren.


Following the closure of Provincial Grand Chapter, prior to which the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent announced his retirement, the recessional procession retired from Provincial Grand Chapter.


The three Provincial Grand Principals and the Deputy Grand Superintendent immediately before disrobing.

The Grand Superintendent at an unguarded moment, disrobing.

EComp Stewart G Carley with the representative from the Woodland Trust and EComp Duncan Kilbride, Chairman of the WRMC Ltd, who generously provided the donation.

The Grand Superintendent takes wine with the Deputy Grand Superintendent

Following the formal toasts the Grand Superintendent spoke informally with everyone in the room.

After the Grand Superintendent’s last address to the Companions, he received a fantastic standing ovation, as a mark of sincere gratitude and thanks for his 8 years as our MEGS and his selfless devotion to our wonderful Province. 

Although the convocation was held with due respect to Covid it was a splendid meeting at the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford. 


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Stop press

Here are the dates for the Royal Arch Council Joint Chapter meetings 2021 – 2023

Please see both the following updates:

The new Mentoring page, information and booklet download

The update on the Travelling Pedestal – 21/10/2021 it is on the move for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic.

A super evening with Loyalty Chapter No 4971

Tonight (1st November 2021) I enjoyed a super evening in the company of Loyalty Chapter and their visitors. 

The 3 Principals were Installed in an exemplary manner with some excellent ritual delivered by the Companions. The new Principals who were Installed tonight were 1st Principal, EComp Howard Cohen, 2nd Principal EComp John S Goodwin and 3rd Principal, EComp Michael B Ferner.

The ceremony was followed by a lively festive board with the healthy ‘buzz’ of Companions enjoying the companionship of the members and visitors.

A FIRST for the Province and possibly the country

Last evening at the Corona Chapter Installation, we think a first for the Province and possibly for the country occurred – a paraplegic veteran, E Comp Adam Douglas, who was injured whilst on active service in Iraq, was installed for the first time into the 3rd Principals office.  The ceremony was very slightly modified, of course, to accommodate his wheelchair. We believe that this is the first time a wheelchair user has been installed into any of the Principals offices.

Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and the festive board afterwards, which was witnessed by the Personal Representative of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Alan Webster APGP, who was very supportive of our endeavours, and who we we very pleased to have with us.







As can be seen from the desserts, we had a super meal, and the excellent company made for a most enjoyable festive board.





Pictures from Olicana Chapter 1522 Installation

Last evening 32 attended including 10 visitors E. Comp John Hutchinson Z E. Comp Mark Cook H E. Comp Robert Young J also present was E. Comp Roberto Espindola President of the Bradford and District Royal Arch Council and excellent ceremony followed by a convivial festive board. A special mention to Comp Peter Coupe who explained the robe of J and also the Visitors toast.








Congratulations to Rockingham Chapter No. 4282

They have just held their first convocation at Swinton Masonic Hall since covid disrupted everything.

A super evening was has by all present – all masked up as can be seen in the picture above.

As they are masked, they are from left to right;

E Comp. Geoff Lord PGStB
Comp. Steve Linstead
E Comp. Mike Brearley 2nd Principal
E Comp. Trevor Brown PPGSN 1st Principal
E Comp. John Gray acting 3rd Principal (actually 2nd Principal of St.
Oswald’s Chapter).
E Comp. Charles Lindsay PPGSN

Well done to all.


Congratulations to all those Companions who have received Grand Honours. 

Please click below on the link to all of the Grand honours bestowed on all of the Companions in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

Grand honours recipients 2021


Please note that Heatherstone Savile Chapter have changed their meeting place, it is now,

The Masonic Hall, Southwood, Halifax. HX1 2EH   

A question for all Master Masons

With a return to physical meetings now firmly on
the cards an excellent new video has been
produced by E Companion Andrew Robinson,
Royal Arch Education Manager setting out for
Master Masons who have not yet taken this final
step why they should seriously think about it to
add to both their understanding and enjoyment
of Freemasonry.

The video is about 15 minutes long and sees
Andrew liken joining the Royal Arch to the last
and crucial chapter in your favourite book or TV
series, the part that brings everything together!
This video is well worth 15 minutes of any
Brothers time. Ideal for use by Lodges for Zoom
meetings. Just follow this link to watch and learn.
You’ll be asked a simple question for access –
good luck!

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