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Congratulations to E Comp Eric Gosnay

Eric G

On Wednesday 24th February 2021, Eric Gosnay celebrated his 100th birthday quietly with his family.  He was absolutely overwhelmed with the cards from the numerous Orders he is in and also from individual masons which took him several days to open.

The photograph is of Eric surrounded by his 108 cards, including the famous one from Her Majesty the Queen.

I have been asked by the Gosnay family in general and by Eric in particular to write and thank you for the tremendous kindness you have shown him in celebrating his 100th birthday. 

I have spoken with his son this evening who informs me his dad has retired to bed because he is exhausted and disappointed with England’s first innings test score in India.



Like many of us during the COVID lockdowns, E.Comp. Chris Binns, of Connaught Chapter No. 1018, and his wife Kay, have been taking daily walks and, with their Yorkshire Terrier, Bailey, have been exploring the local paths that lead in all directions from their home.Being blessed with living in a semi-rural village, their walks took them through the countryside, fields, woods, alongside streams and down to a canal tow path. Such delights have given them a strengthened connectivity with their village and local area.

However, they became saddened by the dreadful litter they encountered, finding it hard to imagine who drops it all. All the people that they encountered as they walked; including the many dog walkers, appeared to be genuinely nice, lovely people, not a litter lout amongst them. Never-the-less, the litter was there. The common items of litter that they were finding, were pop cans, energy drink cans, plastic bottles, beer cans, crisp packets, cigarette packets and glass wine/beer bottles. All empty of course.

Chris decided to do something about it. His wife always referred to him as a ‘womble’. So, living up to the name, at the great expense of £20, Chris acquired a set of litter pickers, a high viz jacket with ‘Volunteer Litter Picker’ printed thereon, and a hoop to keep litter sacks open. A contact with the Local Authority, (Bradford Council), supplies him with rolls of free Litter sacks, emblazoned with the logo, ‘People can make a difference’. When full, he is allowed to leave the sacks next to any one of the many litter bins throughout the village and are collected at least once a week by the Local Authority.

Now when he takes his walks, assisted by Kay and Bailey the Terrier, they pick and bag the litter left by others, much to the appreciation of their community judging by the comments they receive as they busy themselves with filling the sacks.

Chris says, “With all the stretching, reaching, and bending, it feels as good as a gym workout. The overall feeling of a job well done also helps with our mental wellbeing. It makes you feel great to make a difference.”

Well done Chris. What a great idea and example for everyone.




Friends across the Provinces

We, the Royal Arch Communications Team, are initiating a project of contacts across Provinces and this is the first one of this project.

The RA Province of Somerset have been kind enough to supply the following information after responding to our asking via Twitter, for information on any chapter that is using the RA tracing board.

If any chapter has any interesting items to pass on to the Province of Somerset, please let me have them. (email: )

Here is the article:

The Chapter of Sincerity 261 (one of the Chapters meeting in Taunton) has an old tracing board which seems to go back to about 1827. There is not a great deal of information about it, but it is apparently of the same design as one at the Liverpool Masonic Hall. I’ve attached an image, but I’m afraid it’s not very good, but it looks a little different from the ones you linked.

Until 2015, Sincerity was the only Chapter in Somerset with a tracing board. After that, one of the Grand Superintendents presented most of the Chapters with a new tracing board, such as the one at Dungarven. It isn’t really used in the ceremony, merely rested against the pedestal for decoration.

To continue reading about this interesting series please see our Twitter ( @pgcywr ), Facebook ( pgcywr ) or Instagram ( pgcywr ) feeds.


please also note the  Principals wearing headdress, something rarely seen in our Province.





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