The Royal Arch Education Team

The team comprises just five members whose contact details are as follows;

• Education Manager
EComp Andrew Robinson (Fairfax 3255) 07976 835891 or 01943 831430

• Deputy Education Manager
EComp John Watson (Sincerity 0600, Faith 1034),
• EComp Paul Duckworth (Faith 1034)
• EComp Bob Bastow (Chantry 4065)
• EComp Chris Binns (Connaught 1018)

If you have any query at all do not hesitate to get in touch either by email or phone so that it can hopefully be easily resolved.


Our basic strategy is simple.

To educate, encourage and enjoy.

To educate by delivering workshops for major offices within the Chapter.

To encourage by promoting and advising on the use of Solomon to encourage new members; and to encourage Chapters to deliver and develop Solomon based presentations.

To enjoy by making readily available details of DIY presentations, Lectures and Lecturers, Demonstrations and other Resources to make your Chapter experience, both entertaining and enjoyable.

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