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Lecture List – self delivered or by author

The Exaltation Ceremony Explained    
Narrative of the HRA Ceremony    
Explanation of the HRA Ceremony – no ritual    
Explanation of the HRA Ceremony – with ritual    
Commentary on the Officers and Impements    
The Principles and Scribes    
The Indissoluble ink    
Commentary on the Banners and Ensigns    
Exaltation in Catechetical Form    
Whats in a Name    
Explanation of the R A for the Candidate    
The Domatic Lecture    
From the Dessert to the 2nd Jewish Commonwealth    
The Chapter Furnishings    
Significance of the Officers Jewels    
Early Royal Arch Regalia    
The Spiritual Meaning of the Craft    
The Janitor’s Card    

Further lectures and information to follow.

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