Castle Grove Masonic Hall – A History

The history of Castle Grove Masonic Hall begins in 1829 and from then until 1934 it was in private hands. The property was purchased by four Leeds masonic lodges for the sum of £2,500 on 11th October 1934.

It has been a Masonic Hall since then to date.

I have a document which was written in 1996 by W. Bro E. Richard Vaughan who, before his retirement was an architect and was a freemason who spent many years as a member of lodges in this building. He sadly passed away many years ago but he has left us this rich legacy of 113 pages of the history of this lovely building.

He gave me a copy of his work many years ago when I showed interest in the buildings history. I am sure that he would not mind his work being published digitally, but you are on your honour not to use it improperly, reproduce or sell it. Please respect his memory.

The document details the history of Castle Grove from 1834 to 1994 – I wonder if anyone will add the last 20 years?

By the way, for those of us that know the building – where is this?

No, not the main lodge room at Castle Grove but it is Carlton Hill, in 1872 !

Castle Grove Masonic Hall is run, as always, by a board of directors with one member coming from each lodge and each lodge holding a number of shares.

There are also a number of offices in the old stables which are let to various companies and recently became the home of the Provincial Grand Office.

The catering and bar are run by an outside company, franchised to provide these services.

The car park although getting full when several lodges or functions are on the same night, is sufficiently large to accommodate everyone almost every night.

The various rooms have some stunning architectural items – the oak features of the Oak Room fireplace, the screen in the Members Bar, the ceilings in many rooms but mainly in the Salon and the magnificent dome with its leaded lights.

The Hall’s rooms and ballroom are also available for booking by private parties, such as wedding receptions and business functions.

The building is in an excellent state of repair, with upgrades and updates carried out as and when required, resulting in a building which we can enjoy and in which we can be proud and delighted to show to our visitors.

Castle Grove is currently home to many craft lodges and many other masonic orders.

I do have W.Bro. Vaughan’s book in pdf form have attached part one and can supply parts two and three on request.

Please enjoy,
Stuart Burrows


Further reading on the history of the Castle Grove Masonic Hall may be obtained by following this link:-


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