#ChapterTown/CityPostcodeMeeting daysMeeting MonthsArea
61Sincerity, Chapter ofHalifaxHX3 0JQ1st MondayFeb, Apr, Oct, Dectwo
139Paradise, Chapter of SheffieldS10 3BU3rd Monday
Jan, Mar, May & Novfour
149UnanimityMelthamHD9 4EU4th Tuesday
Jan, Feb, Mar, Oct & Novtwo
208Three Grand PrinciplesDewsburyWF12 9BPThursdayalternate full moons Jan to Decone
242MagdalenDoncasterDN1 1BZLast Friday
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct & Novfour
264Nelson of the NileHeckmondwikeWF16 0JU4th Monday
Jan, Mar, Jul, Sept, Nov one
265Judea, Chapter ofKeighleyBD21 3NN3rd TuesdayJan, Mar, May, Sept, Novone
289Fidelity, Chapter ofLeedsLS6 4BP3rd TuesdayJan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Decfive
290Perseverance & Prosperity, Chapter ofHuddersfieldHD1 4EN3rd Wednesday Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, ,Martwo
296 Loyalty, Chapter ofSheffieldS10 3BU3rd MondayApr, Jun, Oct & Decfour
302Charity, Chapter ofBingleyBD16 4LG1st Tuesday
2nd Tue May
Feb, Mar, May, Nov & Decone
304PhilanthropicLeedsLS6 4BP1st WednesdayFeb, Apr. Jun, Oct, Decfive
306AlfredLeedsLS6 4BP4th FridayMarch, April, May, Sept, Oct, Novfive
308Affability, Chapter ofTodmordenOL14 6DN1st Saturday Apr, May, Sept, Octtwo
337ConfidenceUppermillOL3 6BT4th ThursdayJan, Mar, Sep & Novtwo
380Integrity, Chapter ofLeedsLS27 0QG1st ThursdayFeb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Decfive
387Moravia, Chapter ofBaildonBD17 6JS2nd ThursdayJan, Feb, Oct, Nov & Decone
401Royal ForestWaddingtonBB7 3HP4th MondayApr, Jun, Sep & Novthree
408BrunswickHaworthBD22 8NA4th TuesdayJan, Mar, Apr, Oct, Novone
439BingleaBingleyBD16 4LG1st MondayFeb, Mar, Oct, Nov & Decone
448Regularity, Chapter ofHalifaxHX3 0JQLast Thursday
2nd Thursday Jun
Mar, Sep , Nov
458Aire & CalderGooleDN14 5BU3rd ThursdayJan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep & Novfour
495WakefieldWakefieldWF1 1QT3rd TuesdayJan, Mar, May, Oct & Novfive
521Truth, Chapter ofHuddersfieldHD1 4EN2nd FridayFeb, Mar, Oct, Nov, Dectwo
603ZetlandCleckheatonBD19 3BX3rd ThursdayJan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Novone
652Industry, Chapter ofHolmfirthHD9 1AB2nd WednesdayFeb, Mar, Oct & Novtwo
810CravenSkiptonBD23 2PB1st TuesdayMar, Apr, Oct & Novthree
827St John'sDewsburyWF13 2BS3rd TuesdayJan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep & Novone
837Marquess of RiponRiponHG4 1BH3rd FridayJan, Mar, May, Sep & Novthree
904PhoenixRotherhamS60 2LY2nd Wed
3rd Wed Jun
Feb, Apr,Sep, Nov
910St OswaldPontefractWF8 3PA2nd WednesdayJan, Feb,
Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov & Dec
974PentalphaBaildonBD17 6JS3rd Wed
3rd Tues March
Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov & Decone
1001Harrogate & ClaroHarrogateHG1 5NE4th TuesdayJan, Feb, Mar, Oct & Novthree
1018ConnaughtOtleyLS21 3LG1st FridayFeb, Mar, Apr, Nov & Decthree
1019SincerityWakefieldWF1 1QT1st WednesdayFeb, Apr, Jun, Oct & Nov five
1034Faith, Chapter ofBaildonBD17 6JS3rd FridayMar, May, Jul & Sepone
1042ExcelsiorLeedsLS17 7HW4th Thursday
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct & Novfive
1102MirfieldMirfieldWF14 8AW1st Friday
Jan, Feb, , Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov & Decone
1211GoderichLeedsLS17 7HW2nd MondayFeb, Apr, May, Oct, Nov five
1214ScarboroughBatleyWF17 0BE4th MondayFeb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct & Novfive
1239MiltonSheffieldS10 3BU2nd MondayFeb, Apr, Oct & Decfour
1301BrighouseBrighouseHD6 1EL4th Monday
Jan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Novtwo
1302Heatherstone & SavileHalifaxHX1 2EH1st TuesdayMarch, April, May, Oct, Novtwo
1513FriendlyBarnsleyS70 2EP4th ThursdayJan, Mar, May, Sep, Novfour
1522OlicanaIlkleyLS29 9DZ1st Monday
last Mon in Apr
Feb, Mar, Apr,Oct, Nov & Decthree
1542LegioliumCastlefordWF10 1EL4th TuesdayJan, Apr, Jun, Sep & Novfive
1545BaildonBaildonBD17 6JS3rd MondayJan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Dec one
2035BeaumontKirkburtonHD8 0SJ2nd TuesdayJan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Novtwo
2069PrudenceLeedsLS6 4BP4th Monday Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct & Novfive
2259St NicholasThorneDN8 5NP3rd MondayFeb, Mar, Apr & Octfour
2268HallamshireSheffieldS10 3BU4th ThursdayFeb, Apr, Jun & Novfour
2330St LaurencePudseyLS28 7RF4th Thursday Mar, May, Jul, Sep & Novfive
2491White Rose of YorkSheffieldS10 3BU2nd WednesdayFeb, May, Sep & Octfour
2677AinstyWetherbyLS22 7SZ3rd MondayJan, Feb, Mar,Oct & Novthree
2922CoronaLeedsLS17 7HW2nd TuesdayFeb, Apr, Oct, Decfive
3210IonicBingleyBD16 4LG3rd ThursdayJan, Feb, Mar, Oct & Novone
3255FairfaxOtleyLS21 3LG1st WednesdayFeb, Mar, Jun, Oct & Decthree
3332LightcliffeHipperholmeHX3 8AFLast TuesdayJan,Mar, Jun & Septwo
3779WelcomeSheffieldS10 3BU1st TuesdayFeb, Apr, Sep & Novfour
3849St AudreySheffieldS10 3BU3rd TuesdayFeb, Apr, Sep & Novfour
3890Don ValleyDoncasterDN1 1BZ4th MondayFeb, Apr, Sep, Oct & Novfour
3911University Chapter SheffieldSheffieldS10 3BU1st Wednesday
Feb, May & Novfour
4047Universities Chapter, Yorkshire, West RidingLeedsLS6 4BP4th Thur
3rd Wed
3rd Thu
3rd Tue
Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct five
4065ChantryWakefieldWF1 1QT3rd Friday
3rd Thu May
Feb, May, Sep & Novfive
4069FellowshipSheffieldS10 3BU3rd ThursdayMar, May, Sep & Novfour
4171Knaresborough PrioryKnaresboroughHG5 0AA4th Tue 5, 7, 9
1st, 5th Tue 1, 3, 4
Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Jul Septhree
4282RockinghamSwintonS64 8PZ3rd TuesdayFeb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep &
4353St Michael'sLeedsLS6 4BP1st MondayMar, Apr, Jun,
Oct & Dec
4792HolgateBarnsleyS75 1AT3rd ThursdayFeb, Mar, May, Sep & Novfour
4971LoyaltyLeedsLS17 7HW1st MondayFeb, Mar, Apr , Nov & Decfive
5174BawtryBawtryDN10 6LA2nd TuesdayMar, Apr, Oct, Novfour
6220Criterion Chapter of Installed First PrincipalsBaildonBD17 6JS3rd Tuesday
Apr, Jun, Octone
7116St Philip'sSheffieldS10 3BU3rd ThursdayFeb, Apr, Oct, Decfour
7609The SpaHarrogateHG1 5NE2nd WednesdayJan, Mar, May,Sep & Nov
9633South Yorkshire Chapter of Installed PrincipalsSheffieldS10 3BU4th FridayMar, Jun,

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