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  1. pick, shovel and ……
  2. how many travelling workers
  3. all 3 Principals have one
  4. our Secretaries
  5. how many candles
  6. truth, peace, …….
  7. he had the keys
  8. Historical, Symbolical and ……
  9. third robe
  10. the chief tribe
  11. King Solomon’s father


  1. let down through a ……title=”Crossword No1″]
  2. how many tribes?
  3. famous maker of RA jewels
  4. the symbol for eternity
  5. The Grand or Royal Lodge held at?
  6. between honor and benevolentia
  7. mix red and blue
  8. mimosa
  9. how many went searching
  10. from where did the 3 MM’s hail
  11. lodge + chapter ‘gavels’

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Crossword No1