We aim to deliver workshop courses, twice a year, subject of course to demand. These workshops will be specific to Royal Arch Masonry, covering three of the major offices within a Chapter.

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• Director of Ceremonies                Press release
• Scribe E

The workshops will serve to equip or refresh delegates by sharing best practice and practical advice from experienced presenters. Course notes and handbooks will be available after each workshop which you can use as a reference manual. Workshops last about 1 ½ hours.

It’s also a great opportunity to get together with fellow Officers from different Chapters in the Province and compare notes. Don’t think that because you may have been in post for some time that the workshop will be of little benefit to you. In our experience there is always something which will prompt the reaction ‘well, I never knew that!”, and besides which, your own experience will be valuable to others on the course. Freemasonry is changing and modernising and workshops will be updated with latest details i.e. Solomon. Watch out for details of workshops. Find latest details here.

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