At last! An incredible website which opens up a whole world of possibilities. Solomon is UGLE’s online, searchable repository of Nuggets, Papers, Presentations, Demonstrations, Questions and Answers and Quizzes. These can be used for personal study but also shared in Chapter providing a superb resource for involving members in developing and delivering presentations for your meetings. Simply register, enrol on the Royal Arch Modules, then browse, search and download any material you need.

The ‘nuggets’ are great for encouraging new Companions to take part and are short 5 -10 min items, ideal for any meeting. Select a topic suitable for the occasion and ask a member to deliver it. Easy, and no ritual to learn. Always interesting, they could become a permanent and enjoyable feature of every meeting. There are 27 nuggets in the Royal Arch section so if you meet five times a year, they will last for five years!

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are 35 x Papers which can be used as mini-presentations; 13 x Presentations which should be delivered in a vibrant and entertaining way; 7 x Demonstrations of a ceremony rather than a live event to learn and understand more of the ceremony’s meaning – a must see for all and 1 x Quiz as a ‘fun’ learning session.

Your Education Team won’t be relaxing though, and over the year will develop, using Solomon material, Royal Arch Masonic Light style presentations to be given in each area particularly to new exaltees on subjects such as ‘Exaltation Explained’, ‘History of the RA’, ‘Officers of the RA’, ‘Furnishings of the RA’. Watch this space.
We know that some of you are experiencing problems in accessing Solomon, so please click for the Solomon User Guide here (and if you can print it – so it is always to hand). Have a read and when you’re ready, go for it by clicking here. Remember to write down your username and password (on your user guide perhaps) – you’ll be amazed how easy it is to forget!

Follow the instructions in the user guide, then enjoy simply moving around the site. To see the Royal Arch sections you will need to click on ‘Seek & Learn’ or ‘Share & Encourage’, and within each section, choose Royal Arch. Wow, just look at all the information!

Finally – if you are having trouble accessing Solomon, just get in touch with any of the Education Team, and we will try to talk you through the process.

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