For enjoy, also read entertain.

We all wish that we could exalt new members, every meeting, but realistically this is often not the case and we need to fill an empty space on the Summons. This may help.

You may, by now, be more familiar with Solomon and may use some of their material to develop and deliver a presentation within your Chapter.

However, the Royal Arch has been fortunate in the past and assembled a portfolio of DIY Presentations, which any Chapter can download and use.

In addition other lectures may be available, but in this instance are normally delivered by a guest speaker, usually the writer of the lecture.
• To obtain a list of Provincial DIY Presentations and download – click here.
 To obtain the list of Provincial Lectures and Guest Lecturers – click here.

But…. we also need your help! The Education Team want to build up our portfolio of presentations and presenters. It does not matter what rank, or position you hold in a Chapter. If you hear a good presentation of any kind and found it well delivered and entertaining, then LET US KNOW. Just ask if the speaker would mind you putting their name forward to the Education Team, and we will personally get in touch and see if we can add the presentation and / or the presenter to our list of presentations and presenters.

Whichever method you use we sincerely hope that there is enough material available for your Chapter to plan your calendar and most important of all – enjoy!

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