For enjoy, also read entertain.
We all wish that we could exalt new members, every meeting, but realistically this is often not the case and we need to fill an empty space on the Summons. This may help.
You may, by now, be more familiar with Solomon and may use some of their material to develop and deliver a presentation within your Chapter. However, the Royal Arch has been fortunate in the past and assembled a portfolio of DIY Presentations, which any Chapter can download and use.
In addition other lectures may be available, but in this instance are normally delivered by a guest speaker, usually the writer of the lecture.
• See a totally searchable table below of lectures and whether Diy (present them yourselves) or Guest speaker presentations. Click on the TITLE/SUBJECT to view and download the lecture.

RA 1 - The Exaltation Ceremony Explained
CeremoniesIt explains by means of 17 questions each part of the Exaltation Ceremony, e.g.’ Why are there four knocks on the door’; ‘Why does the Candidate take seven steps ‘; A number of Companions can take part with a different Companion answering each question with a Narrator.20UnknownD
RA 2 - Narrative of the HRA Ceremony
CeremoniesA series of questions and answers at different, but indicated, parts of the Ceremony20Neville Barker-CryerD
RA 3 - Explanation of the HRA Ceremony w ritual
CeremoniesA narrative explanation of the meaning and what is going on during the Exaltation ceremony, includes a specimen of the ritual and clearly indicates at what points the Narrators speak. Needs to be slightly modified for the benefit of an 'actual' exaltee, should there be one.20 (excl. the ritual)UnknownD
RA 3a - Explanation of the HRA Ceremony no ritual
CeremoniesA narrative explanation of the meaning and what is going on during the Exaltation ceremony, clearly indicates at what points the Narrators speak by means of the ritual immediately before and after. Needs to be slightly modified for the benefit of an 'actual' exaltee, should there be one.20 (excl. the ritual)UnknownD
RA 4 - Commentary on the Officers and Implements
History pre 1813This commentary is on the officers and implements that are connected to the Royal Arch. The officers recite or read their designated sections; the other explanations are undertaken by the rest of the Companions.15 D
RA 5 - Principals and Scribes
History pre 1813The Companions learn something of the history of the ancient times. Who the Principals and Scribes are and their historical background20UnknownD
RA 6 - The Indissoluble Link
History post 1813This presentation involves 19 Companions. The first part looks at the period of history up to the building and completion of King Solomon’s Temple and the second part how Masonry became operative and speculative leading to Freemasonry as we know it today.40UnknownD
RA 7 - Commentary on the Banners and Ensigns
ArtefactsThis involves 15 Companions and could involve more by having more than one Companion for each banner. It explains the significance of the banners in the Royal Arch.15UnknownD
RA 8 - Exaltation in Catechetical Form
CeremoniesThe presentation is based on a late nineteenth century Ceremony of Exaltation. It involves the candidate or candidates explaining what happened to them during the Exaltation ceremony. The ceremony may differ from your usual Chapter ceremony and may require alteration to reflect each Chapter’s ceremony.35UnknownD
RA 9 - Whats in a name
History pre 1813This presentation involves at least 10 Companions. Each of the Characters in the Royal Arch explains who they are in a conversational style, prompted by the Director of ceremonies.15UnknownD
RA 10 - Explanation of the RA for the Candidate
RitualExtra ritual which can be given when the candidate is presented with his ritual book.6R M ShorrockD
RA 11 - The Domatic Lecture
CeremoniesThis involves two Narrators and many of the officers of the Chapter. It gives an insight into the legend behind the Royal Arch Ritual.30UnknownD
RA 11 - The Domatic Lecture
History pre 1813It involves several Companions and explains the Jews flight from Egypt.40Edward PatnickD
RA 13 - The Chapter Furnishings
ArtefactsThe origin of our Chapter furnishings and their significance. This presentation can involve a number of Companions30David BattyeD
RA 14 - Significance of the Officers jewels
ArtefactsAn explanation of the origins of the jewels worn by the Officers and their significance. It involves all the Officers of the Chapter35David BattyeD
RA 15 - Early royal Arch Regalia
History pre 1813Describes the early origins and development of the RA Regalia, Jewels and headgear. ( Note : This Lecture is also available delivered by E Comp John Watson- see Lectures list)15A R HewittD
RA 16 - The Spiritual Meaning of the Craft
SymbolismExplains how the search for Masonic Light (knowledge) progresses through the 3 Craft degrees and culminates in the Royal Arch discovery made by the Sojourners.11James W ReddyhoffD

But…. we also need your help! The Education Team want to build up our portfolio of presentations and presenters. It does not matter what rank, or position you hold in a Chapter. If you hear a good presentation of any kind and found it well delivered and entertaining, then LET US KNOW. Just ask if the speaker would mind you putting their name forward to the Education Team, and we will personally get in touch and see if we can add the presentation and / or the presenter to our list of presentations and presenters.

Whichever method you use we sincerely hope that there is enough material available for your Chapter to plan your calendar and most important of all – enjoy!