Royal Arch Councils are unique to the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

The first Royal Arch Council was formed in Leeds in 1922, followed by Bradford in 1924.

There are six Royal Arch Councils in the Province: The whole table below is searchable by entering search parameter in the search box –

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#ChapterTown/CityAreaRA Council
308Affability, Chapter ofTodmordentwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
2677AinstyWetherbythreeLeeds & District RAC
458Aire & CalderGoolefourSouth Riding RAC
306AlfredLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
1545BaildonBaildononeBradford & District RAC
5174BawtryBawtryfourSouth Riding RAC
2035BeaumontKirkburtontwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
439BingleaBingleyoneBradford & District RAC
1301BrighouseBrighousetwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
408BrunswickHaworthoneBradford & District RAC
4065ChantryWakefieldfiveCalder Vale RAC
302Charity, Chapter ofBingleyoneBradford & District RAC
337ConfidenceUppermilltwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
1018ConnaughtOtleythreeBradford & District RAC
2922CoronaLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
810CravenSkiptonthreeBradford & District RAC
6220Criterion Chapter of Installed First PrincipalsBaildononeBradford & District RAC
3890Don ValleyDoncasterfourSouth Riding RAC
1042ExcelsiorLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
3255FairfaxOtleythreeBradford & District RAC
1034Faith, Chapter ofBaildononeBradford & District RAC
4069FellowshipSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
289Fidelity, Chapter ofLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
1513FriendlyBarnsleyfourSouth Riding RAC
1211GoderichLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
2268HallamshireSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
1001Harrogate & ClaroHarrogatethreeLeeds & District RAC
1302Heatherstone & SavileHalifaxtwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
4792HolgateBarnsleyfourSouth Riding RAC
652Industry, Chapter ofHolmfirthtwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
380Integrity, Chapter ofLeedsfiveCalder Vale RAC
3210IonicBingleyoneBradford & District RAC
265Judea, Chapter ofKeighleyoneBradford & District RAC
4171Knaresborough PrioryKnaresboroughthreeLeeds & District RAC
1542LegioliumCastlefordfiveCalder Vale RAC
3332LightcliffeHipperholmetwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
4971LoyaltyLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
296 Loyalty, Chapter ofSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
242MagdalenDoncasterfourSouth Riding RAC
837Marquess of RiponRiponthreeLeeds & District RAC
1239MiltonSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
1102MirfieldMirfieldoneCalder Vale RAC
387Moravia, Chapter ofBaildononeBradford & District RAC
264Nelson of the NileHeckmondwikeoneCalder Vale RAC
1522OlicanaIlkleythreeBradford & District RAC
139Paradise, Chapter of SheffieldfourSheffield RAC
974PentalphaBaildononeBradford & District RAC
290Perseverance & Prosperity, Chapter ofHuddersfieldtwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
304PhilanthropicLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
904PhoenixRotherhamfourSouth Riding RAC
2069PrudenceLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
448Regularity, Chapter ofHalifaxtwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
4282RockinghamSwintonfourSouth Riding RAC
401Royal ForestWaddingtonthreeBradford & District RAC
1214ScarboroughBatleyfiveCalder Vale RAC
1019SincerityWakefieldfiveCalder Vale RAC
61Sincerity, Chapter ofHalifaxtwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
9633South Yorkshire Chapter of Installed PrincipalsSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
3849St AudreySheffieldfourSheffield RAC
827St John'sDewsburyoneCalder V ale RAC
2330St LaurencePudseyfiveLeeds & District RAC
4353St Michael'sLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
2259St NicholasThornefourSouth Riding RAC
910St OswaldPontefractfiveSouth Riding RAC
Calder Vale RAC
7116St Philip'sSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
7609The SpaHarrogatethreeLeeds & District RAC
208Three Grand PrinciplesDewsburyoneCalder Vale RAC
521Truth, Chapter ofHuddersfieldtwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
149UnanimityMelthamtwoHalifax & Huddersfield RAC
4047Universities Chapter, Yorkshire, West RidingLeedsfiveLeeds & District RAC
3911University Chapter SheffieldSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
495WakefieldWakefieldfiveCalder Vale RAC
3779WelcomeSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
2491White Rose of YorkSheffieldfourSheffield RAC
603ZetlandCleckheatononeCalder Vale RAC

Each Chapter elects representative(s) to serve on the Royal Arch Council to which it is affiliated.

Royal Arch Councils are led by a President and Vice President(s) elected at the Councils Annual General Meeting.

Details of the Secretary to the respective Councils can be obtained from your Chapter RAC representative or the Provincial Office.

The aim of the Royal Arch Councils is to: support Chapters and to assist in promoting the Royal Arch throughout the Province.

Each Royal Arch Council holds an annual Joint Chapter Meeting which is supported by the Rulers of the Province and members of the other Royal Arch Councils thus promoting visiting between the Councils and Companions.

In November of each year a Royal Arch Council will host the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter.

There are 6 Royal Arch Councils in our Province, they are;

Bradford and District

President : E Comp Roberto Espindola

Secretary: E Comp John Watson PGStB PPGSN

Calder Vale 

President: E Comp Richard V Clague PPDepGReg

Secretary: E Comp John R Davis                            

The Halifax & Huddersfield and District

President: E Comp Tony L White               

Secretary: E Comp Chris Carruthers PPGSN

Leeds and District

President: E Comp Steven Emmett ProvGReg

Secretary: E Comp Andrew J Garnett PPGSN 

Sheffield and District

President: E Comp Ian Anderson PPGSN     

Secretary – E Comp Tony McGrath PPDepGReg

South Riding

President : E Comp Stephen Priestley PPGSN

Secretary E Comp R G Powell ProvGJan      


Royal Arch Council Joint Chapter Meetings 2021 – 2023 (as agreed on 6 September 2021)  
    (amended 7 September 2021)  
2021 Host     Venue
Hfx/Hudds Brighouse Chapter 1301 Monday 22nd November 2021 Brighouse
South Riding Aire & Calder Chapter 458 Thursday 17th March 2022 Goole
Bradford Chapter of Faith 1034 Friday 20th May 2022 at 10.30am Hoyle Court, Baildon
Leeds St Michael’s Chapter 4353 Monday 6th June 2022 Castle Grove, Leeds
Sheffield South Yorks Chapter of Inst Ps 9633 Monday 27th June 2022 Tapton Hall, Sheffield
Calder Vale Nelson of the Nile Chapter 264 Monday 25th July 2022 Heckmondwike
Hfx/Hudds Heatherstone Savile 1302 Tuesday 1st November 2022 Southwood, Halifax
South Riding Phoenix Chapter 904 Wednesday 8th February 2023 Rotherham
Bradford Olicana Chapter 1522 Monday 6th March 2023  Ilkley
Leeds Alfred Chapter 306 Friday 26th May 2023 Castle Grove, Leeds
Calder Vale Chapter of Integrity 380 Thursday  1st June 2023  Morley
Sheffield St Philip’s Chapter 7116 Monday 26th June 2023 Tapton Hall, Sheffield
Hfx/Hudds Beaumont Chapter 2035 Tuesday 14th November 2023 Kirkburton
Provincial Grand Chapter – Host RAC      
2021 South Riding      
2022 Leeds      
2023 Hfx/Hudds