Royal Arch Mentoring in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding 

Evidence suggests that when effective mentoring is implemented a member’s interest is maintained, with Companions enjoying their membership of the Royal Arch for many years.

Following trials in Area 1 and Area 5 the new Royal Arch Provincial Mentoring Scheme was introduced in March 2019 under the guidance and control of the Provincial Mentor, E Comp. Graham D. Hoyle who is ably assisted by 7 Area Mentors as follows:

Area 1             Chris Wilcock

Area 2                        Chris Carruthers

Area 3                     Jeremy (Jerry) Anderson

Area 4                        Russell Johnson and Neil Park

Area 5                        Steve Smith and Richard Brown

Mentoring Information

It should be every Brothers aim to become a member of the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch, the 4th and final step and the culmination of a brother’s masonic journey through ‘Pure Ancient Masonry’.

This final step is taken after a Brother has been raised to the third degree in Craft, but only when a Brother is himself ready to join a Chapter, which meets both in a location, and on a night which is most convenient to himself.

A Brother will be warmly welcomed into the Holy Royal Arch and receive a Mentor pack which contains a wealth of information. But in order for him to continue to enjoy his masonic journey and to develop his appreciation and understanding of what the Holy Royal Arch has to offer for many years to come, he should continue to receive encouragement, support and, where necessary, appropriate guidance from all Companions.

An experienced Companion, known as his ‘Personal Mentor’ is allocated to each Exaltee. The Personal Mentor is in turn supported by his ‘Chapter Mentor’ and the Provincial Mentoring team which comprises Assistant Area Mentors, Area Mentors and the Provincial Mentor.

The Province have produced a number of guidance documents, the principal ones being an A5 booklet titled Guide for Royal Arch Masons’ which should be presented to candidates after their Exaltation. This provides guidance on the Royal Arch including dress code, salutes, Chapter Officers and regalia etc.

This booklet is also available for all Companions to view or print in an A4 format.

The booklet may be downloaded by clicking Download, below

SPOILER ALERT! – There is nothing on this Provincial website that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet, but we suggest that you don’t spoil any future enjoyment by reading information on the 4th degree you are yet to take.

The second is an A5 booklet titled Individual Record Sheet’. This is retained by the Companion and details a number of items which will be of interest to enhance a Companion’s journey.

The third is titled Mentor Record’ which issued, held and maintained by the Personal Mentor, to assist him in his role in developing a Companion.

The Candidates Mentor pack should also contain a number of additional documents, to assist the Candidates in gaining knowledge of his Chapter procedures and is usually provided by the Chapter Scribe E.

The effective implementation of the Mentor programme should ensure a that a Companion is happy and enjoys his Royal Arch journey, and as a consequence incline him to persuade his friends to join the Order and share the friendship and companionship which Royal Arch masons enjoy.

Graham D. Hoyle, PGStB, PPGSN

Provincial Mentor