Royal Arch Mentoring in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding 

Evidence suggests that when effective mentoring is implemented a member’s interest is maintained, with Companions enjoying their membership of the Royal Arch for many years.

Following trials in Area 1 and Area 5 the new Royal Arch Provincial Mentoring Scheme was introduced in March 2019 under the guidance and control of the Provincial Mentor, E Comp. Graham D. Hoyle who is ably assisted by 7 Area Mentors as follows:

Area 1             Chris Wilcock

Area 2                        Chris Carruthers

Area 3                     Jeremy (Jerry) Anderson

Area 4                        Russell Johnson and Neil Park

Area 5                        Steve Smith and Richard Brown

The new Royal Arch mentoring structure within the Province of Yorkshire West Riding consists of the Companion’s Personal Mentor, who is often his Proposer or Seconder; the Chapter Mentor, the Area Mentor, and the Provincial Mentor.

In order to assist in carrying out the various duties, the Province provides a range of documents, the principal ones being a Guide for Royal Arch Masons to be given to candidates after their Exaltation. This provides guidance on the Royal Arch including dress code, salutes, Chapter Officers and regalia etc.

The second is a Mentor Record to be held and maintained by the Personal Mentor to assist him in his role, and to record his periodic reviews of the Companions development.

The third is an Individual Record Sheet. This details a number of items of interest to the Companion. The document should be given to and retained by each new Companion for him to complete and make available to his Personal Mentor for his review. These are also supplemented by additional documents which are usually provided by the Scribe E.

If mentoring is to be successful it relies on the co-operation of all Companions appointed to be involved in the process. It is not something to be considered on a once a year basis, but is an ongoing process and is relevant at every single Chapter meeting, whether the Companion is attending, or indeed more so if he isn’t.

Its effective implementation should ensure a Companion is happy in his Royal Arch career, and as a consequence incline him to persuade his friends to join the Order and enjoy the friendship and companionship it provides and Royal Arch masons enjoy.

Further details can be obtained from the Provincial Mentor, Graham D. Hoyle by email: