Pictures from Fairfax Chapter installation at Westbourne House last evening.

E. Comp Howard Handley Installed E. Comp Phil Dennison as Z who Installed E.
Comp John Greenwood as H who Installed Comp Ian Barber as J.

Pictures are from an Excellent festive board provided by Andrew and Dawn.


Philanthropic Chapter Installation

The line up from Left to Right
E. Com p Fraser McPherson Prov.A.D.C. E. Comp John Williams J E.Comp Stuart Oakes Z E. Comp J. Trevor Bolton H. E. Comp Peter J Smith Installing Z and E. Comp Alan P K Webster A.P.G.P.

A different Installation Ceremony at Philanthropic Chapter No. 304 when E.
Comp John Williams was Installed as Joshua and Immediately Installed as Haggi E. Comp Stuart Oakes stuck to the script and took his place as Zerubbabel with E. Comp J. Trevor Bolton once again accepting the Office of Joshua. Another surprise awaited the Companions when E. Comp Oakes gave notice of motion that he intended to propose at the next regular meeting that the Installation date be changed to the December meeting. This to avoid having the Installation meeting in the same month as Philanthropic Craft Lodge. Which means the Principals will remain in office next year, thus showing their enthusiasm for the order by completing a 22-month tenure. E.
Comp Colin Soulsby conducted the ceremony with great dignity and sympathy at the same time covering a considerable distance in his numerous perambulations. An excellent Castle Grove festive board followed, with suitable speeches from all concerned concluding with E. Comp Robert Bowhill Junior Vice President of the Leeds and District Royal Arch Councils response to the visitors toast.


Photographic Competition Winner announced

On Tuesday evening at Harrogate and Claro Chapter the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent announced and presented the trophy to the winner of the Provincial Photographic Competition.

Above you can see the winning picture and the glass trophy, suitably inscribed with the winners name.

Both of these items were presented to the winner, E Comp Paul Clarke for his picture of St Pauls at night, by the Most Excellent Superintendent.

We hope to be running the competition again this year – so get snapping!


The 3 Principals of Ainsty Chapter accompanied and were honoured by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals at this special convocation.

The MEGS and the Provincial team presented a very polished Ceremony of the Veils to the delight of all present.

This was a very special occasion as only the Grand Superintendent, and only once per year may perform this interesting and visually stimulating ceremony. 

There were over 80 Companions present to enjoy the evening, filling the temple and later enjoying a very convivial festive board.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent taking wine with all present.  _____________________________________________________

The Excellent Companions with Davd Hill and E Comp Carley are E Comp Richard Paver as H and E Comp Hudson as J

Magdalen Chapter 242 was honoured by the presence of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent at our meeting on Friday 29th of November. This special visit was to present Excellent Companion David Hill with his 50 year certificate. This being a Past Principles night, E Comp Hill had been invited to act as Ist Principal and he warmly greeted E Comp Carley to the Chapter for the second time this year – the last time had been at Installation in February when E Comp Carley had promoted E Comp Hill to PPGSN. Taking seats on the floor of the Chapter, they discussed E Comp Hills life, both in personal terms, as well as a Royal Arch Mason. This proved to be an extremely emotional event as E Comp Carley presented E Comp Hill with his certificate for his long involvement in Royal Arch Masonry. E Comp Hill was about to return to his position when the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent announced that there was further business to deal with and called on him to return before him. E Comp Hill was then promoted to PPGSE to the acclaim of the whole Chapter. This award was justly deserved by a devoted Mason in both Craft and the Royal Arch, who has been a enormous influence on hundreds of Masons who have come in contact him in the past 50 years

With thanks to E Comp Neil Park


Provincial Grand Chapter  – 16/11/2019

The ME Grand Superintendent enters Provincial Grand Chapter

The MEGS presided today over an absolutely splendid Provincial Grand Chapter meeting today, he was well supported by our Distinguished Guests from many different Provinces and every one of our chapters was represented.

The MEGS ‘called off’ the Provincial Grand  Chapter in order to invite members of the White Knights into the assembly and present them with a ‘Blood Bike’

The Deputy Grand Superintendent explained what the Blood Bikes do and welcomed the representatives of the White Knights. I reproduce his address below, it is well worth a read:

Companions, every year you, our members, make donations through your Chapters to West Riding Masonic Charities, Ltd., from which a number of major grants are made annually.

This year, Provincial Grand Chapter has successfully made an application, on your behalf, for a major grant in support of a charity which provides a vital, potentially life saving, “Out of hours”, urgent and emergency medical transportation service.
During normal working hours, the NHS and other Charitable Health Organisations use their own transportation systems to move blood, plasma, pathology samples, urgent pharmacy-controlled drugs and other vital supplies between hospitals, hospices and supply centres.
Overnight and at weekends these transport facilities are not always available for urgent deliveries, and reliance often falls upon commercial Couriers or Private Hire Taxis, which come at a substantial cost and in exceptional circumstances, Emergency Services such as the Police or Ambulance Service are called upon, diverting their valuable resources.
This is where independent Blood Bike Charities across the country, like Whiteknights in our region, have such considerable impact.
Using motorcycles, the quickest, most efficient, means of navigating our congested road network, the volunteer, advanced-qualified riders of WhiteKnights provide a modern, sophisticated, fully- tracked and “within the hour,” urgent delivery service free of charge.
The WhiteKnights estimate that for each £1 it receives in donations or kind, the NHS will save at least £5 – money that can be passed on to provide more frontline patient care.
Despite having Full Time Jobs, many of their volunteer riders also give their spare time to help run and maintain what is a truly worthwhile charity, and an organization who are intent on making a difference to the diagnosis and care of patients in our community.
In Yorkshire, West Riding 4 teams are based North, South, West and middle to provide a service to all our NHS hospitals and Charitable Health organisations.
Whiteknights also participate in national relays with other Blood Bike groups, urgently transporting donated breast milk to neonatal maternity units across the country.

The service to recipients is free of charge but has high costs which have to be met by the donations it receives. They have a fleet of motorcycles to continuously run and maintain, with an approximate cost of £5-6k per bike annually.

Of course, a Blood Bike doesn’t last forever and replacements are needed. For the safety of their riders and ability to meet strict, medical transportation requirements, the motorcycles need to be robust, specially equipped and marked in high visibility reflective livery – adding considerably to their cost.

Today, this Provincial Grand Chapter of Yorkshire, West Riding, is pleased to present Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes, a new, fully equipped motorcycle, a presentation enabled by a grant of £20,000 from Yorkshire West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd.

Here to receive it on behalf of the White Knights are West Yorkshire Manager, Andy Dickens, Fleet Manager, Steve Annakin and Communications Manager, Matthew Beynon-Tullett and I ask you to show your appreciation and welcome them in the usual Masonic manner.


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E Comp Ken looks as though he had a super evening – well deserved for a well known and well liked Comp.
The occasion was the presentation of a 50th Golden Jubilee Certificate to E.Comp Kenneth Flockton, PPrGSN
Left to Right: E.Comp Francis A Testo, 2ndPGP, E.Comp Martin J Kaitcer (H), E.Comp Martin N Glynn (MEZ), E.Comp Ian D Grant (J), E.Comp Ken Flockton,

With thanks to E Comp Edward Sissling for the article and picture.


Leeds & District Royal Arch Council will be celebrating their centenary on 6th June 2022. It may seem like a long time in the future but planning for it is well in hand.



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